Savita Jakhar

Artist Intro :  Savita Jakhar Gandash is a France based Contemporary artist hailing from a small village in Haryana .In the years since, Savita has produced countless works for Art Galleries , agencies, corporations , institutions and as private commissions. She has exhibited her work at numerous art galleries and other cultural institutions. Savita has also participated in several educational programmes, presenting her work in many schools, libraries and various cultural organisations. Her Artwork has been featured in Magazines and as book cover Art. Savita , an artist with experience of working in India, France and Qatar . Her artistic work extends to Painting, Prints, Installation, Sculpture, Murals, Ceramics, Fibreglass, Metals and Crafts encompassing virtually every artistic genre. She enjoys working on several projects simultaneously, giving equal importance to works of different genres . She constantly observes the world around her and responds to the surroundings with sensitivity.  Through floating lines in acrylic and oil colours, she attempts to make sense of life’s complexities, unleash desires and emotions amid complex contemporary society. Colours, strokes and gestures are used to convey a particular mood, emotion or feeling. Ultimately free flowing oil paints complete the canvas surface, portraying the natural and intricate depth of each living being. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any additional information you might need. Best Regards,  Savita JAKHAR GANDASH Ph: +4524444046